“You will be successful if you know both how to practice and how to nurture yourself.”
~ Late Master Feng Zhi Qiang ~


Explore the philosophy of Yin and Yang through the practice of this traditional chinese martial art form. Taijiquan not only teaches us about graceful movements but also the wisdom to harmony and balance in life.

Life force aka Qi is the energy that powers our body. The practice of Qigong on a physical level facilitates a better flow of energy and improves our inner organs’ health to function at their optimum. When that happens, we will naturally be healthy and free from dis-ease.

Private sessions with Kenrick will be tailored based on initial needs and level of practice. All sessions will consist of a mix of both arts which are complementary to each other.


For corporate taijiquan classes or other events, please do not hesitate to connect with us for a chat.