“Give yourself permission to feel the emotion. Keep breathing into the stretch, relaxing layer by layer with each exhale. Be brave enough to feel what’s stuck in there and let it move. This frees up that part of your body. That new freedom is awesome.”
~ Ana T. Forrest ~


Yoga is a practice of self empowerment – physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. By exploring physical poses aka asanas (3rd limb of yoga philosophy), you will become more aware of your body, understand shifts needed to restore balance and prepare the mind for deeper cultivation & realisation.

[Physical Growth]
Since we are all unique in our own ways, a tailored yoga practice is therefore ideal to provide the space for greater attention towards different body structures, old and existing injuries and movement limitations. This will allow a more effective and progressive personal growth over time.

[Mental Cultivation]
Our habitual patterns and behaviours are often exhibited on the mat as we move through the sequences of poses. Hence through constant guided self-exploration on the mat, we are able to gain insights on the mat and bring wisdom off the mat into our life.


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